ILC has been advising major banks and corporate clients in resolving high value, complex and cross border disputes relating to banking, financial services, construction, engineering and real estate. We have extended significant assistance to our corporate clients in various civil, labor and criminal matters. We liaise with local lawyers to ensure that nitty-gritty of the deal and dispute is communicated with clarity and a proper representation is done in the interests of the client. Our involvement has ensured that all contractual safeguards and strengths under the documentation in general and law in particular are duly used to protect the interests of the client and seek a favorable verdict. We regularly represent clients with various proceedings under the aegis of Qatari courts, various arbitral tribunals, Labor Disputes Settlement Committee and the Rental Disputes Settlement Committee.

Lawyers at ILC are also experienced in appointing legal counsels across various jurisdictions outside Qatar to represent the best interests of our clients.